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government of nepal

ministry of local development

department of local infrastructure development and agricultural roads


 invitation for bids


first date of publication of bid invitation notice:          25 july 2011

name of project:                                                                  trail bridge sector-wide program (tb swap)

name of contract:                                                               supply of bulldog grips

contract identification no:                                 icb/tb/bg/ 2-2011/012


1                     government of nepal ministry of local development, department of local infrastructure development and agricultural roads (dolidar) is implementing the trail bridge program under sector-wide approach with the support of development partners wb, adb, sdc and dfid and intends to apply part of the funds to cover eligible payments under the contract for supply of bulldog grips through international competitive bidding (icb).


2              the dolidar invites sealed bids from national and international manufacturers of bulldog grips or their authorized agents for the supply of bulldog grips as below:

size in  æ mm                      total quantity             

                                      æ 13 mm                             13,300    nos.

                                      æ 26 mm                             5,600   nos.        

                                      æ 32 mm                             18,700  nos.

                                      æ 36 mm                             5,800    nos.       

                                      æ 40 mm                             6,300   nos.        


3              eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents at the department of local infrastructure development & agricultural roads (dolidar) located at jawalakhel, lalitpur, nepal, phone - 977 01 500 009 5


4              eligible bidders or their authorized agents may purchase bidding documents from the offices of

a)  department of local                                     b) suspension bridge division

    infrastructure development                              shreemahal, pulchowk

    & agricultural roads                                          lalitpur, nepal

    jawalakhel, lalitpur, nepal                              phone – 977 1 552 4681

    phone – 977 1 500 0095                                                  

on the submission of a written application and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of nrs. 3,000 (nrs three thousand). the authorized agents will be required to submit a letter of authorization issued by the manufacturer of bulldog grips.

for the purpose of bidders who choose to submit their bids electronically through                                  e - procurement section of dolidar’s web site, the bidders may either purchase the hard copy of bidding documents or may choose to download the necessary part of bidding documents, prepare their bids and submit their electronic bids as specified in the instruction to bidders. in case, the bidder chooses to down load and submit electronically, the bidder shall be required to deposit the cost of bidding document as specified above in the dolidar’s rajaswa (revenue) account either by direct deposit or by tele-transfer of deposit in the dolidar’s account for the purchase of the bids as specified below and electronic scanned copy (pdf format) of the bank deposit voucher or tele-transfer certificate shall also be submitted along with the electronic bid files. 

information regarding the deposit of the cost of bidding document in the bank:

name of the bank: nepal bank ltd., gabahal, lalitpur

deposit account no.180-41-2440

account operating office: dolidar, jawalakhel, lalitpur

office code no. 28-365-04

revenue heading no: 14227

amount to be deposited in the name of office: department of local infrastructure development and agriculture roads (dolidar), jawalakhel, lalitpur

5             the prices must be quoted in us $ on c.i.p. basis for per piece of bulldog grips up to the destination of delivery points (amalekhgunj, bara, nepal).

6.           bidders are to submit 6 nos. of bulldog grips samples of each size. the bids of those bidders whose sample will pass the test shall be considered eligible and those whose samples fail the test will be considered as ineligible.

7.           each offer must be accompanied with a sum equivalent to 2.5% of bid amount in  us $ as bid bond in the form of a bank guarantee in favor of dolidar from a bank based in kathmandu, nepal with validity of  30 days beyond the bid validity period of 90 days.

8.           bids must be submitted to the office of dolidar, jawalakhel, lalitpur, nepal (phone – 977 1 500 0095) on or before 12:00 hrs on september 7, 2011. documents received after this deadline shall not be accepted

9              if the last date of purchasing and submission and opening date falls on a government holiday, the next working day shall be considered as the last day.


10.          bids shall be opened in the presence of bidders~ representatives who choose to attend at september 7, 2011 at 15:00 hrs at the office of dolidar, jawalakhel, lalitpur, nepal.


11           the dolidar reserves the right to accept or reject, wholly or partly any or all the bids or cancel the entire process of bidding without assigning any reason, whatsoever.


12                 dolidar also reserves the right to award contract fully or partly to a single bidder or to different bidders.


13                 the decision of dolidar will be final and binding in regard to the award of the contract. 


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Section-5 Special Conditions of Contract
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